It is about the income plan of the RICH MONEY!
1. New member $16 and service monthly $160 (Begin Paying 3th month)
2. Planning income as 1 spreading in 2 and deeper 14 level (2x14 level around the world) 
3. You can have only 2 members and you have more than 2 the system will automatically bring them all to the lower level for other.
4. Member club pays to the RICH COINS and the income will be automatically to the RICH WALLET.
5. You have to introduce 2 Users and you will have income more than 100 RC so that you can claim the money.  

There are 3 ways Income!

Income 1
It is first income from the news members that you introduce him or her! When they register and paid for the member club in a new person, you can claim for $160/per member.

Income 2
It is second income from the same line that they work under you and you can get after they register as a new member club $160/member until 14 levels.

Income 3
It is third income from monthly service that will author deduct by $160 monthly. If you do not have money paying, your accounting will go to the negative balance until you have a new member and the system will author paying until 14 levels that one level is for $160 and the highest will give you $157,000/monthly. 


1. Registration of the successful with RICHMONEY.CLUB System (Pay only $160)
2. Learning from RICHMONEY.CLUB system income planning and you can use the system
3. Introduce 2 others in one week from your date of registration
4. Help your 2 people that they can work as you in 1-3 above 
5. Everyone should do 5 things above as well!

ATTENTION: Payment is depended on the income of the system and lowest is $1.60/1 Rich Coins

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